Squadron Leader Aashritha Olety

The series of Experts Speak organised for the academic year began with the first guest addressing the students and parents of middle and senior years in two separate session over the first weekend of June 2021. Our first invitee for the academic year was Squadron Leader Aashritha Olety, India’s first Woman Flight test engineer in the Indian Air Force.

On 4.6.21, she addressed a gathering of students from grades 9 to 12. After a formal welcome from the staff and a student, she spoke about her career, challenges and her motivation.

Ms Aashritha generously shared her experiences and learnings while working with the Indian Air Force. She spoke on various aircrafts which are the major constituent of the Air Force covering the aircraft technology. She stressed on the importance of having bigger goals and also targeting smaller goals to achieve the larger one. An interactive segment in the end where the guest answered to all the queries from the students concluded the session.

On 5.6.21, Ms Aashritha addressed the students of grades 6 to 8. Through the talk, she shared how the Aero Show conducted in Bangalore every year, inspired her in grade 2 to join IAF and sparked her fascination with aircrafts.

She shared her experiences of IAF and that it provided her the platform to fly different kinds of aircrafts. Not only this, but the IAF also gave her opportunities to play various sports, explore various skills and visit remote places.

Students were spellbound hearing her experiences and adventures. They had many questions to ask her which she patiently answered. It was indeed an enriching session for students and staff. The sessions ended with a formal vote of thanks delivered by the students.