Across the Globe

Across the Globe program was a novel experiment planned and executed meticulously by the NPS team. The idea behind the platform was for guest speakers to connect with our inquisitive minds of grade 4 & 5 and give a ringside view of the culture, economy, and lifestyle of different countries. Simply put we get to travel to different countries from the comfort of our living rooms.

Ms. Shreya Bharath from Cameroon, Ms.Roshni Thomson from Switzerland, Mr.Tom Manoj from Canada and Ms.Malaa from California showcased their places with PPTs and photos about the place, its history, culture, tourist spots and much more. They also shared anecdotes and answered a volley of questions from the enthusiastic students. The guest speakers had taken time out of their schedule to prepare the presentations and come live on camera. Through these four days our students gained a wealth of knowledge about different places and created awareness to open their minds in being global citizens.