Mr Akintya Nigam

Data science and analytics is a buzzword these days. With that in mind, NPSI Chennai had Mr Akintya Nigam, a young techie address the students of grades 9 to 12. A data analyst with Ecom Express, Mr Nigam spoke about data science in the world today.

After a formal welcome from the staff and a student, he spoke about his career, challenges and motivation.

Mr Nigam offered a brief explanation about data sciences and its applications. He also covered machine learning and natural language processing. He urged the students to pick up coding and outlined its varied applications. He encouraged them to take up online courses on various platforms. Mr Nigam also spoke of the various career prospects available in this area. Students had a volley of questions ready for him and he patiently answered all of them.

The session ended with a vote of thanks delivered by a student.