Akriti - Science Fair, 2017

Shapes, forms, planes and concepts intertwined with one another defying yet adhering to the principles of physics, with plentiful of chemistry and bio mathematical precision at the annual science Fair Akriti held at NPS International Chennai.

The scientific prowess of the students from class I – XI was at its scintillating display at the exhibition. The Food we eat, the Light we imbibe, Machines, Aerodynamics and Hydrodynamics were just some of the topics explored with models and speeches at the fair.

The straight forward and often dry mathematical properties were brought to life with dazzling innovativeness.

The budding scientists left no stone unturned to put forth their scientific knowledge.

Akriti, a culmination of the yearlong learning and instruction spell bound one and all. The willingness of the young ones to step beyond their textbooks and to stretch their skills to bring to practical and creative use of math and science theories was a treat to behold.

Recording over a thousand visitors, who left the premises much wiser, it is without a doubt that one would declare Akriti 2017 an undeniable success.