Akriti, 2021-2022

Akriti, our annual Science fair, showcases the scientific temperament and conceptual grasp of our students. One of the most anticipated events of the academic year, it was held over two days on the 25th and 26th of February. The event was a celebration of science. The sessions began with a video glimpse into the science activities that the children partook in throughout the academic year. An overview of the principles behind the experiments and constructed models brought back joyful memories to the students.

Following the video was the demonstration of concepts by students – some of these demos were recorded videos while a few children opted to validate their experiments live on camera. The diversity of these demonstrations – models constructed on Physics principles, colorful chemical reactions, codes, and programs to run Robotic models, Mathematical concepts, added to the exciting atmosphere. The audience was left in awe as some of these displays included the EV3 Core Wiper bot, dissolving metal in water, a solar-powered car, and Hydraulic bridge.

Simple kitchen experiments like ice-cream preparation, balloon blow-up due to carbon dioxide evolution by yeast to reason behind the oxidation of apples allowed children to explore the science in their plates. The question-answer sessions were equally stimulating as the children answered questions with elan and confidence. The sessions were a visual learning treat to the audience.