Akriti, March 2021

Akriti, the much looked-forward event, the Science Fair of NPS International School was held between 8th March to 16th March and took students on a journey of discovery, driven by curiosity.

The series of presentations brought in excitement coupled with enthusiasm. A range of experiments from science to illusions, Maths to Engineering was presented with confidence and understanding by our students. Time and effort had been spent to create models and working experiments. It was evident that students had researched well on the topics they presented. Topics ranged from Bubble inside bubble to experiments on Density, Pyramid cubes to Lava lamp, Optic illusion to Mirrors, Fibonacci series to Pythagoras theorem, Buoyancy to Aerodynamics, Nephron structure to DNA extraction, to name a few. Students worked on the concepts to extract data that helped them draw conclusions.

The truth that Science and Maths remain an integral part of our everyday life was reinforced through their presentation. Students enjoyed the entire experience of not only presenting but also posing questions to the presenters. A volley of questions was answered with clarity and depth.

One can never forget the ripple of joy that ran through the sessions. To keep the scientific temper alive and their innate curiosity ablaze, this year’s science fair was a virtual treat.