Alumni Talk 2022 - First Session

It is always special when former students of NPSI come home carrying nuggets of experience and wisdom to share with their juniors. With the aim of supporting students of grades 8 to 12 chalk out their future plans, NPSI organised Alumni Talk, a series of sessions of alumni who have charted their own paths.

The first edition of Alumni Talk witnessed 4 former students address the students. Adarsh Vallurapalli (2018-19 batch) joined through MS Teams while Srisneha Mettu (2020-21 batch), Aditya Venkatesh (2021-22 batch) and Pranav Krishna (2021-22 batch) were there in person. The programme was kicked off with the Principal’s address where Principal Ms Sudha Balan welcomed the alumni and encouraged students to listen and ask as many questions to get clarity on their future paths.

The four alumni each offered their own take on foreign universities, applying to them and the pre-requisites involved. Adarsh is a senior at University of Toronto, pursuing Bachelor in Arts and Sciences. He offered a unique perspective to planning one’s journey right from grade 9 while talking about the culture and university life at Toronto. Srisneha has secured a seat at Imperial College, London to pursue MBBS. Her journey was unique given the limited time she had to plan, prepare and execute her plan and she emphasised on the need to be genuine as students fill up their application forms and give interviews.

Aditya Venkatesh will be joining University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign to pursue Computer Engineering. He focussed on the need to have a detailed study plan even if one does not follow it strictly. Many children were in awe to view his spreadsheet that outlined number of hours of study per subject and the detailed plan that he had outlined towards his success.

Pranav Krishna will be going to University of Warwick to pursue BA Politics and International Studies. He opted to talk to the students about exploring their interests to narrow down on what they would wish to pursue as higher studies. He spoke to them about gathering unique experiences as they go through high school by participating in coscholastic activities and community services through which they could pick up skills like leadership and collaboration.

Students had a number of questions for each of the alumni who patiently answered them all. From tests to application forms, community service requirements to succeeding in interviews, our students get an overall view of all the planning and work that needs to be put in place should they wish to go abroad. Our alumni were thrilled to be back home and share their journey.

We look forward to welcoming many more alumni to share their experiences that our students will surely benefit from.