Annual Sports Meet 2019

A celebration of energy, sports and participation – the annual NPSI Sports Meet 2019-20 was a 3 day affair.

The event began with an invocation song seeking the blessings of the almighty. The principal Ms Sudha Balan shared words of encouragement and declared the sports meet open.

For the young players of grades 1 -3, games and athletic events including tennis ball and cricket ball throw, obstacle race and relay races saw them run and play with vigour. Students of grades 4 and 5 had their fun and frolic with events including shotput, hurdle race and relay race to name a few.

Sports Meet witnessed the culmination of a year-long pursuit towards picking up skills like sportsmanship, team spirit, hardwork and determination. Over 48 events across intramural and athletic events saw children participate actively through the year. Indoor games like chess and carrom tested their strategy and patience while outdoor activities including athletics tested their fitness and stamina. Team games including football, kho-kho, cricket, throwball and hockey saw our children run onto the field, play for their respective houses and enjoy themselves.

As the athletic events were held, the zeal and excitement of the students was palpable with loud cheers for the participants echoing across the ground. Food stalls added to the festive atmosphere and offered an ideal break. Winners of all events were awarded certificated and medals by the Principal. Individual championship winners bagged trophies for their performances. Explorers and Pioneers emerged winners in the intramural area with 155 points each. Pioneers powered their way through in athletics with 212 points. They also bagged the overall championship trophy with 367 points. The Principal handed over the rolling trophy to the captain and vice-captain along with the sports captain (also from Pioneers).

Hardwork, determination and pride were the hallmarks of the NPSI Sports Meet. As the meet was wrapped up, students of grade 12 were already reminiscing about all the fun they had through the meet and the memorable moments they would cherish in the future.