Annular Solar Eclipse

The annular solar eclipse expected to occur on December 26th is one of the most awaited events across the globe. A special assembly was conducted for students of upper primary, middle and high school to quell any myths related to the eclipse and share interesting facts with them.

Ms Karpagam, Physics faculty introduced the children to the eclipse and its rarity. As she explained the phenomenon, it was heartening to see children share and participate actively in the discussion.

Ms Santosh, science and lab faculty, demonstrated the procedure to build a DIY solar telescope. A detailed step-by-step demonstration guided the students on the making and use of the telescope. Telescopes were made available in the science laboratories for the students to take a closer view.

Ms Karpagam also shared various superstitions associated with viewing the eclipse and food habits. She spoke of precautions to be taken while viewing the eclipse. With their interests piqued, children await the event with eagerness, armed with knowledge and information that will help them appreciate this event better.