Art Infinity, March 2021

Art Infinity, an event that fills the corridors of NPS International School with rich hue of colours year after year was this time presented virtually.

More than 1000 exhibits were lined up on the virtual corridor. Students’ art display included art work that was done through the year as well as what they had done during their leisure time at home. Many were true masterpieces which the eyes could feast for long.

From Portraits to Landscapes, from Scenery to Characters, various mediums were used such as water colours, pencil sketches and acrylics. The thousand and more art display, which had been carefully chosen blew the mind of the visitors to these art galleries. The gallery walk was indeed a memorable tour for them. Our student-artists were left enthralled, when they saw their photos displayed with their artworks.

The highlight of the event was the art room which not only had master’s masterpieces but also the chosen, best pieces of the year. This event brought in priceless memories which would be remembered for long.