Assembly Grade 10, July 2018

The Father of the nation Mahatma Gandhi has been an inspiring force for generations of human kind. His wise words are quoted and practiced to this day.

The Students of class X drew much strength and insightness from one such quote of the Mahatma – BE THE CHANGE.

Keeping abreast of the changes in time yet holding on to traditions and values the students began the programme of the day with a fusion dance. A classical dance set to the melodies of the west.

The vision of the Father of the Nation and how he wished his dear fellow citizens to Be The Change was clearly elucidated by 2 accomplished speakers of the class.

This was followed with a skit that demonstrated the theme of the day. The skit sought to explain through an example the need to Be The Change. The story of a businessman who preached yet never followed the necessity to keep the environment clean was ably written and directed by the students themselves.

A musical number in tune with the thought of the day was much appreciated and applauded.

Sports, particularly FIFA football is the current favorite topic of conversation. This was exploited by the students of class X to quiz the audience on their knowledge of the game and its players. The well-received quiz earned many a participant some token awards.

A peppy and entertaining dance brought a successful closure to the event of the day.