Assembly Grade 3C, November 2019

Topic: Punjab

Every state has its special flavour be it culture, way of living, food, dressing etc. Students of Grade 3C brought the spirit of Punjab in the school assembly.

The programme began with a small introduction about the state by the MCs followed by a blissful prayer song ‘Ik onkaar’ with its meaning.

A group of students sang a peppy folk song ‘Latthe di Chadar’ in Punjabi accompanied by the keyboard and tambourine.

Children shared a thought for the day on expectations and their impact and facts related to Punjab. They were able to convey interesting information like how the state got its name, the Golden Temple, the popular food there, harvest festivals etc. The news anchors kept us abreast of the latest happenings around the world.

Dance is always exciting and is a treat to our eyes. If there is any folk dance that makes the audience want to jump in, it is the traditional bhangra dance. Students performed to the high energy bhangra beats while the audience joined in by clapping. Followed by this was the skit that depicted a story of Guru Nanak Dev Ji and the value of life. Through various experiences, the guru explains that every human life is precious and unique.

A quiz on facts related to the state saw the students participate actively.

The vote of thanks signalled the end of the assembly.