Assembly Grade 4A, August 2019

Topic: Ganesh Chaturthi

Students of grade 4A presented their assembly on the festival Ganesh Chaturthi.

The assembly began on a thoughtful note with the MC sharing quotes from leaders like Chanakya and Swami Vivekananda.

Our young newsreaders apprised the audience of the local, national, international and sports news besides the weather report.

The assembly began on an auspiciours note with students reciting popular slokas on Lord Ganesha. A dance performance by several students welcomes Lord Ganesha while renditions of popular songs like Shakthi Sahitha Ganapathim and Ganesha Charanam sang his praise.

While one student spoke of the festival and why we celebrate it, another elaborated on the various physical features of Lord Ganesha and their significance.

The quiz was interesting with a round of dumb charades conducted by little Ganesha. The audience enjoyed guessing the actions and participated with enthusiasm.

A group dance on a Hindi number ‘Ga gaga Ganapathi bappaa moriyaa’ saw everyone clapping and swaying to the tune.

A vote of thanks followed signalling the end of the assembly and the start of another enjoyable day at NPSI.