Assembly Grade 4D, October 2019

Topic: Diwali

School Assemblies play an important role in the holistic development of a child. They help overcome stage fear and build confidence. Freedom to express their thoughts enhances their public speaking skills. The whole class comes together to put forth a show for their schoolmates.

Students of Grade 4D presented their class assembly on the topic Diwali. The students exhibited their vitality by giving their best and showing their talents in the show.

An introductory speech by the MC set the tone for the assembly followed by a thought. The thought for the day was chosen to motivate the children on working today for a bright future. The news anchors gave us the news from across the world in a lucid and comprehensive manner, keeping us abreast of the happenings around us.

A speech on the importance of Diwali and the significance of the 5 day celebration gave a bird’s eye view of how the festival is celebrated across the country. A skit on Diwali gave further context to the theme of Diwali.

Children sang a group song ‘Jai Lakshmi Maata’ to revere Goddess Lakshmi. A beautiful classical dance saw children holding diyas and swaying gracefully.

In a bid to drive sustainable living, children spoke about Green Diwali and the need to be mindful of the environment around us.

While the quiz tested the audience’s general knowledge and Diwali related facts, the grand finale dance was choreographed to a Hindi number which spoke of celebration, happiness and joy.

A students delivered the vote of thanks to express gratitude to all those who helped make the assembly come alive.