Assembly Grade 5A, 27 July 2017

Theme: 'Children in Need’

The students of Grade 5A conducted their assembly on the 27th of July, with enthusiastic participation from every child. The theme portrayed was ‘Children in Need’. The 27th of July also proved to be a significant date as it marked the 2nd death anniversary of the late President of India Dr. Abdul Kalam.

The MC did a great job guiding the children through every item performed. The introduction speeches based on the theme were solemn and informative. The skit reminded us that we have a moral obligation to be concerned for the truly less fortunate people in today’s society; especially the children. The 5A choir sang about having belief in unity, peace and perseverance in order to overcome every form of bondage that is faced in life. A brief speech in honour of the late President Dr. Abdul Kalam was a reminder that he was indeed ‘The People’s President’.

The much awaited dance performance was conducted with excitement as the children danced to a happy Goan folk song. It brought about a lot of smiles and laughter, serving as a reminder on the essence of a happy childhood. The regional, international, sports and weather forecast news reading gave us a glimpse into the state of political and non-political affairs around us. The Quiz Masters quizzed the students on their knowledge on ‘Child Welfare’ and the likes. The answers proved insightful and informative. A thoughtful quote by the late President – Dr. Abdul Kalam was read as a ‘Thought for the Day’. Last but not the least, a ‘Vote of Thanks’ was seen as befitting, to bring this successful assembly to a close. A special speech was given by Ms. V. Indira Singh on ‘Failure is a stepping stone to success’, a quote by the late President Dr. Abdul Kalam. Much appreciation was felt towards our Principal, as she is always the driving force behind the institution, encouraging every child to discover their talents and to give their very best in everything they do.