Assembly Grade 5A, July 2019

Topic: Forgiveness

Change is the only constant. Where aims and aspirations can change over time, what remain constant are timeless values that guide us through life. Students of Grade 5A presented a thought provoking assembly on the timeless value ‘Forgiveness’.

The MCs introduced the theme and called for the news. A quote on forgiveness was shared by a student while another presented a speech on the health benefits of forgiveness.

A melodious English song on forgiveness was performed followed by a skit depicting a classroom scene. With their actions and dialogues, the children clearly conveyed the message that one shouldn’t hold grudges and forgiveness makes way for happiness.

A thought provoking poem on the theme left teachers and students spellbound. Our dancers gave a scintillating dance performance for the song ‘Sorry’ by Justin Bieber.

The assembly came to an end with the vote of thanks. It set the stage for a positive day filled with kindness, respect and forgiveness.