Assembly Grade 6B, 6 July 2017

The theme ‘Benefits of exercise’ was chosen by the students of Grade 6 B to highlight the importance of regular exercises for physical and mental well-being.

The students were all set to perform on the bright morning of July 6th and began the show by quoting Buddha – how a healthy body keeps the mind stronger and clearer. This was followed by the round up of the national and international news and a speech on the importance of exercise and the need to involve physical activities as part of the daily routine.

An energetic dance by the boys, the Zumba dance and the skit enacted with the message of including physical activities in our everyday routine kept the audience entertained. The quiz conducted tested the sports knowledge of the audience.

As part of the Vanamahotsav celebrations, our faculty emphasised the need to plant and grow trees and the urgent requirement to conserve and preserve our environment. The mind is capable of magic, but we need physical stamina and energy to transform this magic into reality.

This message was conveyed with conviction that there is no better route to health than through exercises and robust physical activity. They also conveyed the need to make exercising a daily routine to live a disease-free healthy life. The assembly ended with a pledge to exercise regularly and keep fit.