Assembly Grade 6C, 10 December, 2021

Continuing on the theme of Jataka Tales, students of grade 6C picked ‘The Invincible one – A Tale of Unwavering Virtue’ for their assembly. Discussions witnessed active contribution from the students as they chalked out a detailed plan. Roles were allocated for various parts including introduction, invocation , thought of the day, fact, speech , skit, personal achievements, quiz and Vote of Thanks. Dialogues were scripted and rehearsals took place virtually. Students worked together and reviewed each other’s performances, offering feedback in an objective manner.

A team of students took on the responsibility of editing the individual videos. Multiple meetings with the class teacher ensued to arrive at the final version of the assembly. As a whole, the assembly is a result of many minds coming together and team effort. Each student played their part in creating this assembly which promises to be a entertaining show. Students have come a long way from offline presentations to virtual assemblies, picking up a range of skills.