Assembly Grade 7A, 11 August, 2021

When we began our first class assembly discussion in the W2W period on 11th of August 2021, students were extremely excited and happy to hear about virtual class assembly update. We nearly had four whole periods in W2W session for preparing the class assembly video. Various roles were allocated to students according to their interests and willingness. Discussions were held on assembly routines and editing task. Then we concentrated more on skit, where we discussed about the costume for each character and also practiced the script. Script writers and editors had a fine discussion that showcased students’ determination and interests. We thoroughly enjoyed and teamwork was highly practiced among students. I am sure, as a class teacher I will cherish this assembly forever.

Excitement and enthusiasm greeted the announcement of the virtual class assembly. With the finalization of the theme as Percy Jackson and The Olympians - The Lightning Thief (Chapter 8), discussions and planning began in full swing. Roles and events were settled upon, and costumes decided. With students assuming the roles of script writer and editor, practice sessions were ardent and interesting. The events included invocation, speech, quiz and the skit, the highlight of the show. The children had great fun in putting up the show.

Grade 7A assembly themed on Percy Jackson and The Olympians - The Lightning Thief (Chapter 8) debuted on the NPSI magazine platform on October 22nd, 2021. The events included invocation song, speeches, quiz and a skit on the theme. Intense discussions and role allocation were great fun and children enjoyed shooting the videos and editing them to put up an enjoyable and interesting show.