Assembly Grade 7A, July 2019

Topic: Emojis and Words

The class assembly presents the perfect opportunity for children to provide a holistic display of their art, public speaking and stage skills. Grade 7A presented theirs on the topic Emojis and Words with a focus on the current generation’s preference of emojis over words in written communication.

The topic was introduced through a short skit depicting a mini tussle on importance between words and emojis and the ability of the phone and Android to offer both, the Qwerty keyboard and emojis.

The news anchors delivered a succinct report of the happenings in the country and beyond.

A speech on the history on the invention of Emojis and how they have evolved resonated well with the audience.

Popular emojis and their meanings were explained as well.

Riddles challenged the students and teachers alike. A dance on a medley of songs was enjoyed by the audience.

The assembly ended with a formal vote of thanks.