Assembly Grade 8A, August 2018

Celebrating Friendship

Mindful mornings are a great way to start the day for they provide mental nourishment and reinforce values and beliefs. The morning assembly not only does that but also provides an opportunity for children to exhibit their talents and skills, learn and discover their potential. Students of Grade 8 ‘A’ selected the topic ‘Celebrating Friendship’ and dedicate a day to friends and friendship.

The MCs introduced the topic by expressing their gratitude for having affectionate and loyal friends, which called for a grand celebration. A wise thought about friendship was shared following which the news was presented. It comprised of the headlines from the national, international, sports and weather sections. The skit was about how true friends stand by us irrespective of our wealth and possessions, the dance was well choreographed and executed. The audience enjoyed the visual and auditory treat.

An inspiring speech, on the accomplishments and achievements of various eminent personality who with their friends had begun in a small way but ended up as large business houses was shared. A quiz was conducted; the questions were riddles that the audience eagerly and enthusiastically answered. A beautiful poem about friendship was presented. The finale was a rocking performance by the band. The assembly concluded with the vote of thanks.

Ms. Jeba Andrew Faculty member, Computer Department, reiterated the importance of friends in our lives and the value of true friendship.