Assembly Grade 8B, 2020

Sports and games have been an integral part of our lives. Be it the game of dice that initiated the Kurukshetra war or the IPL that bring the nation together, sports have made its mark in shaping our future. The skills and life lessons one acquire by practising a sport are varied such as team spirit, determination, strategy building, competitive attitude etc.

Students of grade 8B presented the significance, benefits and heroes in the field of sports and games. They have created a medley of songs that speak about virtues like Hope, Faith, Joy and Love. Relevance, benefits and addiction over video games have been included too.

Sitting at home and feeling bored? Not to worry! We have students sharing few innovative games that can be played at home for a qualitative family time.

Immense hard work, dedication and effort has gone behind in putting up this digital presentation filled with laughter, fun and information.