Assembly Grade 8B, 16 July 2019

Topic: Importance of multi-dimensional skills

An assembly program aims to bring in students from different grades together, to witness a value-based session at the start of the day. Students of Grade 8B conducted the assembly on showcasing ‘the importance of Multi-dimensional Skills’.

A skit was presented to explain the significance of a school environment that is accepting of not just scholastic ability but also the co-curricular/ non-academic skills of students. The ‘Thought for the day’ shared by students was presented to motivate students to explore their strengths and learn new skills.

Speeches by students spoke about the relevance of having a positive and conducive environment for learning and showcasing multi-dimensional skills.

Various acts including dance, music, yo-yo tricks, public speaking, art, cotorsion, event management and theatre were testament to our students being multi-skilled themselves. Students sang a medley of songs starting off with ‘Aashayein Ummeedein’ which talks about the power of dreams followed by ‘Illahi’ and ‘Rubaroo’ which is about the power of life.

Quiz and riddles were other highlights that added colour to the show. The assembly ended with vote of thanks to all those were part of making this event a success.