Assembly Grade 9A, July 2019

Topic: "Knowledge is power" – Francis Bacon.

Students of Grade 9A presented their class assembly on the topic Knowledge.

The MCs introduced the topic by narrating a story related to the above quote. The thought for the day was a quote on the theme by L Frank Braun.

The newsreaders updated the audience on the local, national, international and sports news. A speech on the power of knowledge followed.

A group of students aptly presented a skit of the recent launch of Chandrayaan 2 depicting how the initial launch was cancelled in the last minute. The skit clearly showed how it takes courage to take a step back and correct one’s mistakes.

Graceful dancers took to the stage to perform a fusion number, choreographed to Korean and Hindi music. A musical performance with students on multiple instruments and vocals showcased their varied talents.

The quiz challenged the audience and saw them participate enthusiastically.

The assembly concluded with a vote of thanks.