Book Lovers’ Conference

When we read, we take journeys – into a new world filled with fantasies and dreams. For many of our students, reading is a more than a mere a way to pass time. They indulge with the characters, the plot and the author as they devour each book. We held Book Lover’s Conference to encourage and help students develop and build on their love for books.

The conference held from the 11th to the 17th of February, saw the young readers hold court discussing the plot, their favourite characters and their love of books with ease.

Moderated by a teacher, students of grades 4 to 8 met in groups of 10 to engage in discussions. There were three rounds of discussion with each child introducing a favourite book. They then posed questions to one another about the books, the characters, the story and the author. The conversation continued with them expressing their love and joy of reading books.

With a confidence that belies age, books written by varied authors including Sudha Murthy, Agatha Christie, J. K. Rowling, David Williams and many more were analyzed and debated upon. The research behind each speech and the range of questions asked indicated the interest and enthusiasm of the students. Some parents came forward to share encouraging words which boosted the morale of the kids. The program ended with a vote of thanks given by the moderators.

The magical journey into the world of books ended with a promise to progress on this journey and create more happy memories.