Book Reading Session - Grades 1-3

We were greatly honoured to welcome, Ms Maya Sara Karthik, a budding writer of our school. She encouraged our youngest children in the primary years with her book reading session and shared stories of what inspired her to become a young writer. She read excerpts from her award winning book –‘The Pari and Kayal adventures-saved by Sid’ and another story Hogbert’s Spring, to the young listeners who were enraptured by the stories narrated.

Tanisha Gopinath, another writer from 8th grade and yet another glory for our school was invited to read to the students of grade 2 and 3. She read excerpts from her debut book’Crystallis Castle –Pet Panic’ for grade 2 and Poppy Muddle Pup Daring rescue for grade 3. Children were all ears to her as she steered them through an interactive session walking through the vocabulary of unknown words.