Children’s Day 2019

“While we try to teach our children all about life, our children teach us what life is all about" – Angela Schwindt

November 14 gives the school an opportunity to celebrate children, the very centre around which the school is built. Remembering Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, the day is celebrated as Children’s Day across the country. All the teachers at NPSI took this chance to show their love and affection to all the children.

The day started with the children assembling in their respective classrooms and the teachers singing the Morning Prayer. The students gathered in the front assembly area, excited to watch the spread of programmes their teachers had planned for them.

The programme started with the MCs welcoming the students and a motivational and inspiring speech by our principal Ms Sudha Balan. A classical folk fusion song by the music team which was a mix of vocals and Cajun offered an energetic start to the show.

This was followed by a fun dance with teachers in the school uniform. Kids were surprised and excited to see their own teachers dressed like one of them. Post this was a game of freeze frame wherein the 11th grades had to enact a scene and the audience had to guess.

After the interactive game, a traditional tamil debate or Pattimandiram was conducted by the language teachers. They debated on whether children come to school to learn something new or merely obtain a certificate.

Middle school teachers gave old tamil songs a new twist with their moves. A group song with a medley of Tamil, Hindi and Malayalam songs was performed by senior school teachers.

The highlight of the day was a human puppet show by middle and senior school teachers. Childrens across age groups were thrilled to see their teachers donning sun glasses and caps and swaying to popular songs.

Teachers from the primary school presented a fun skit depicting a classroom scene, inspired by their own experiences. A fusion dance saw teachers dancing gracefully as the children watched in awe.

The day was filled with fun and exciting class activities which the children enthusiastically participated in and thoroughly enjoyed.