Children's Day, November 2020

Children’s Day was a grand affair at NPSI. Albeit the distance and virtual medium, the teachers created entertaining and engaging sessions for all their students.

The Principal, Ms. Sudha Balan’s address kicked off the celebrations in all the classes including Early Learning (EL). She shared warm thoughts and wishes, setting the tone for the events to come.

EL began their celebrations with a short talk by the teachers about the origin of Children’s Day, Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru and showed his photos. The day was even more special with puppet storytelling, magic show and rhyme time sessions. Children were thrilled and excitement prevailed as their teachers came up to entertain them. Teachers also compiled and recited the children’s favourite rhymes by dressing up as the main theme/character of the rhyme. The entire Early Learning Faculty came together to sing in unison the all-time favourite ‘I love you... You love me...’ song. Children lovingly joined in singing along with the teachers with a bright smile.

Highlight of the programme was the Magic show wherein children were curious to see and explore how the teachers pulled off each of the magic trick. From disappearing coins to pulling a scarf out of an empty paper cone set the base to an exciting session filled with fun and joy.

Primary Years had an enjoyable session with their teachers too. The celebrations began with warm wishes from the Principal followed by a double delight for the children as they saw their favourite teachers wishing them for both events -Children’s day and Diwali. The delightful ensued with the Music teacher singing the beautiful song “Vellai Pookal Ullagam Engum Malaravae” for our children followed by a Jugalbandhi of songs, a confluence of the arts and a veritable feast for the senses –by the Art Teacher, Music Teacher and Instrument Teacher. The entertaining Skit-‘Lockdown Chronicles’ by the language teachers and physical training teachers showed the hits and misses of all the new endeavours that each of them tried during these unprecedented times. Last but not the least, the dance moves by the language teachers for the Hindi and Tamil songs enthralled and fascinated the children. The sessions for grade 1 and 2 were packed with games like ‘Guess that movie’ –a game with the music track from Disney Pixar; ‘Guess the character and the Story’- an exclusive representation of fairy tale characters by the teachers. The lovely medley of Tamil and Hindi songs along with the dance fusion ranging from Classical to western, Garbha to a Malayalam dance filled the air. ‘The Crazy Story’ –a humorous skit , an outrageous mix up of characters with the entry of the wrong character in place of another in a play, was met with loud laughter and applause.

Grade 3 to 5 had a range of games. ‘Match the music track to the movie’- a guessing game to identify the English songs from Disney cinema’s; ‘Identify the title of the book’ and Quizes on the trending IPL cricket players .The ‘Welcome Home’ Skit of Mr Sridhar and his unique family enraptured the children with humour as the teachers filled the scenes with dramatic depictions of the various family members in the household reacting to the dark and stinky dust bin only to realise that it was after all an over ripe ‘nendrapazham’! Rhythm of joy’-a medley of songs sung by teachers and the Dancing Diyas was a pleasure to watch with teachers dancing at their best in different forms of dance across India ranging from Kerala to Goan ,Gujarati Dandiya to Punjabi, Dunichi Dance to Bihu and Khalbhelya Dance.

For grades 6 to 8, joy grew manyfold when they watched their teachers performing the skit which was absolutely hilarious, portraying the teacher character, All in all Komala and that of the students. The skit brought in sheer excitement since it depicted the current online scenario. Following it, students had to guess the teachers who played various characters in the skit.

For our senior students, a special game of Freeze Frame was organised where teachers posed to depict some popular sayings and quotes from their favourite shows on Netflix and the students had to guess these quotes. All their teachers shared special video wishes, sharing warmth and happiness to all of them.

All in all, Children’s Day saw our children be themselves, laugh, spread cheer and happiness. Their laughter brought cheer among the staff too who worked very hard to create this special day for all the students.