Christmas Celebrations

Christmas is the season of love, harmony, and celebration and we left no stone unturned this year at NPSI Chennai. A virtual live event was conducted for the entire school to feature all the fun and joyful activities that our children and staff indulge in during this season. From enacting the Nativity scene to singing carols and baking cakes and cookies, the special assembly hosted by our middle and senior school students was enjoyable.

In Early Learning, teachers welcomed children wearing santa caps. Teachers and students were dressed in Christmas tri colours of green, white and red. The highlight of the celebration was the arrival of the Santa Claus – teachers dressed up in the costume and the Virtual Santa who showered gifts and blessings to the audience.

Students in Primary and Middle school had their fair share of fun and cheer in class. They sang Christmas carols together and engaged in Christmas craft activities. From wreaths and trees to 3D Christmas cards, we saw them create beautiful decorations and indulge in the spirit of togetherness and joy.