Co-curricular Competitions, 2018-2019

Grades 9 -12

As important as it is to inculcate educational values in the Children, we at NPS International help complement their learning with various co-curricular activities that help in the development of psychological, social, civic, recreational and cultural values.

The various co-curricular activities that include music and dance of various forms, creative writing, poetry writing, elocution, pencil sketching, spell bee, face painting, cookery, poster making, animation, quiz, origami and play are meticulously intertwined with their academics and aid in their holistic growth.

At the high school levels, these competitions that are a part of the co-curricular activities are also an integral part of the school house championship. The children represent one of the four school houses namely Challengers, Voyagers, Explorers or Pioneers.

These competitions helped in bringing a lot of camaraderie among the children and nurtures solidarity and mutual support, leave alone the priceless platform it creates to showcase the innate talents of the young children.

All the events were well represented with the total number of participants standing at 104. There were 28 different events and 47 of them emerged as winners. The intense competition across all the categories is a sign of the high level of competitive spirit of the participants.

The honours for the ‘Overall championship winner’ was bagged by team Voyagers.

The children participated with passion and true sportsman spirit and those who failed to win also went home with the resolve and eagerness to prove their mettle with improved performance in the next edition.