Connect with Experts talk by Mr. Mohan and Ms. Deepalakshmi

Mr. Mohan and Ms Deepalakshmi, environmentalists, spoke of Dr Abdul Kalam’s Vision 2020 and their environmental programme, Team green 1000 Days. This was a 40-minute session followed by a Q & A session with our students.

Ms Deepalakshmi and Mr. Mohan spoke about their team and how they walked the path in accomplishing their mission, Dr Kalam’s Vision 2020.

The highlights of the talk were the ‘Plantation drive’ by the Team green 1000 Days, maintenance of saplings etc., on the environmental front and their contributions to the society, for the welfare of the downtrodden and the women upliftment.

They did mention about ‘The Wall of Love’, a platform for good Samaritans to put their used and unused products, but strictly in a good condition, in the shelves, so that the people in need can use it.

Needless to say that the session was instrumental in creating social and environmental awareness among young ones that is absolutely essential in the current situation.