December Concerts

The December month is synonymous with Margazhi Mahotsavam in Chennai. The entire city celebrates music, art and culture with concerts every evening across the city. At NPSI Chennai, we had 3 artists who graciously came onboard and presented live concerts for all the staff, students and parents.

On the first day, we had Carnatic musician, Ms Roopa Keshavaraman who rendered popular krithis in various ragams like Amba Tanaya and Ananda Nilaya. It was a pleasure to listen to her croon to the beats of the mridangam and the soulful notes of the violin.

On the second day, we had Kalakshetra alumni and former music teacher, Ms Lakshmi Subramanyam who performed popular bhajans and namavalis in various ragams. From Sharanu Sharanu Siddhi Vinayaka to Om Shiva Om Shiva and Pazhani Shanmuga, her renditions were soothing and truly enjoyable.

Finally, we had NPS alumni, Ms Tharunya Balan who rendered carefully curated classical songs across languages and themes. She began her concert with Maha Ganapathim and then moved on to performing songs in languages including Kannada, Malayalam and Tamil. From hymns praising various gods to call for peace, her concert was melodious and meaningful.

Every evening, these concerts offered all of us a pleasant evening to sit back and get lost in the magical world of music. The words and tunes gave us hope for a brighter, healthier 2021.