Diwali, 2021

Celebration of Diwali started off with the children attending their online sessions sparkling with smiles and laughter. Diwali themed wall paper added to the festive mood with teachers greeting them in traditional attire.

Children listened to stories narrated by teachers and enjoyed the picture presentation to understand the significance and celebration of the festival of lights. Children observed and connected through conversation upon seeing the visuals of colourful pictures of rangoli, flower arrangements, sweets and fireworks which signify the Diwali celebration. The excitement unfolded with the children sharing their experiences of Diwali celebrations. Teachers spoke about the safety measures to be adopted while lighting diyas and fireworks.

Diya decoration added to the festive spirit. Children were happy with the Diya decoration which they painted and decorated with great zeal.

The entire Early Learning session was truly lit up with smiles and good cheer in this celebration of the festival of Lights.