Doctors' Day

The indispensable role of doctors has become more relevant than every during this pandemic, which has witnessed them working tirelessly. Doctor’s Day offered a wonderful opportunity for us to show our gratitude to the frontline heroes.

In Early Learning, children were welcomed with teachers dressed as doctors and colour background décor. An interesting story of ‘A visit to the Doctor’ was narrated followed by fitness time and nutritious snacking time. Every child relished their favourite fruit during the snack time. An active discussion on ‘Time with a doctor’ ensued which witnessed children participate actively.

In Primary Years, the frontline heroes were celebrated through a card making activity. The zeal with which each card was made was contagious and the teachers captured their lovely handiworks to cherish the magical moments. Each card exhibited their love for art, their attention to details and their desire to prove their talent in their own unique way.

The presentation on Doctor’s Day enabled them to acknowledge their numerous contributions to mankind in multiple ways. Their commitment to keep the nation safe and healthy and to perform their duty relentlessly was appreciated.

The day has truly raised an awareness about the medical profession as children were able to understand their dedication and many expressed their desire to be a doctor one day.