Cultural Day (Early Learning), March 2018

The youngest members of the school faced an audience of around thousand, for the first time. They were quite at ease doing so.

The students of the kindergarten and Montessori years took to the stage on the 3rd of March in a very spirited and enjoyable show.

The kindergarteners delved into fantasy land. Humans were viewed as experimental beings and some aspects such as joy, fear and sharing were explored.

The children enacted and grew into their roles with such ease that one actually forgot that one was watching a performance. The story about the extra-terrestrials who have landed to research humans required the involvement of the audience. They were made unwitting partners of the research team.

The trip to Candy Land and concluding with the Carnival, all brought out the child in everyone present.

The proud beaming faces of the families of the onstage actors bore testimony to the resounding success of the show. The rapturous faces of the children at the end of the program gave the teachers and the management satisfaction of having achieved their goal for the day – to bring joy to one and all present.

The Montessori students decided to embark on a journey around the world. They ably and joyfully performed dances from various quarters of the world. The culture, music and dance of countries like China, Scotland, Russia, Mexico and finally India was displayed with great pomp and show.

The colorful costumes and invigorating music set the tone for the day. The tiny tots after many a practice sessions, enthusiastically entertained the gathered audience. It was a proud moment for the parents and teachers alike to see the little ones on the stage.

The confidence of the students on the stage in front of the large gathering was most commendable.