Grade 10 Field Trip


Saturday (16th November) saw a lot of scuffling shoes and excited whispers outside the NPSI Perumbakkam campus. The students of Grade 10, taking time off from their hectic academic schedule, headed out on a field trip to Mahabalipuram. It was a mélange of learning and fun as they embarked on their journey, with enthusiasm and joy.

After an early start and a fun bus journey, the students reached Mahabalipuram and began their sightseeing with the tour of the five rathas, the shore temple and the famous butter ball. They took numerous photographs both for fun and reference.

After the learning and enriching sights of the architectural marvels of ancient India, students then set out to enjoy the rest of the day at the Grand Bay resort.

At the resort, a sumptuous lunch was followed by students getting into groups and enjoying various activities like volleyball, tennis, football, and indoor activities like cards and carom.

All in all it was a rich, educative and enjoyable experience.

At the end of the day, the tired but happy students reached school and as they dispersed, they vowed that they would carry the memories of this trip as one more milestone in the timeline of their school journey.