Grade 2 Field Trip

Birla Planetarium

Knowledge is not limited to books. At NPSI, field trips are a tool for students to experience in reality, what they learn in books. Our students walked into school excited. General instructions and a brief understanding of the venue was shared with the children during the bus journey which was enjoyable with the children singing songs.

A visit to the planetarium is always awe inspiring as it gives us a chance to experience phenomena like stars, solar system and the universe. Our children were excited to get a 3D view of aspects that they had just imagined to be huge luminous objects somewhere out there in the vast universe. They also watched a movie that shared facts about Mercury.

As the lights dimmed and the journey through the stars began, the excitement among the students was overwhelming. The skies came alive in the massive dome theatre. The show offered a good visual experience of astronomy. They also watched a 3D movie which shared interesting facts like one’s weight on the moon and other planets.

They got a chance to walk around and look at other exhibits that broadened their understanding of astronomy. Our children returned to school, enlightened and intrigued to learn more about the sun, moon and the universe.