Grade 4 Field Trip

Anna Centenary Library

Educational tours are a great way to mix academic learning and practical life. Students of grade 4 had the opportunity to visit the popular Anna Centenary Library.

The ride to the library located in Koturpuram was enjoyable with lively conversations and snacks.

The library with its 9 floors is an imposing structure to see. Children saw the racks with numerous books sorted according to different genre. There was an artificial tree in the middle of the hall with serial lights that added to the glow in the library. Children were allowed to pick a book of their choice to read for an hour.

The students were then escorted to the ‘Olaichuvadi’ section which was a treasure chest of manuscripts. These 15000 manuscripts have been preserved over many years and the library takes great pride in housing them.

After tasting a slice of history, the children entered a unique section which had books written in Braille. Children were curious to see how these books are written and how it helps the blind read. The librarian also showed the braille kit that was kept for display.

In this age of digital, the visit to the Library restored love for books in the children.