Grade 5 Field Trip, July 2017

Visit to the Theosophical Society

Tucked away in the middle of the hustle and bustle of Chennai’s city life; the greenery of the Theosophical Society situated at Adyar the area was a welcoming sight. The climate was pleasant, as we could feel the gentle, cool breeze no sooner than we entered the campus. The trees formed a beautiful, green canopy, giving us relief from the hot sun. It was like entering another world that was so calm and peaceful, oblivious to the chaos that echoed outside its walls.

There were trees from different countries that had been planted over the many years and have grown into sturdy pillars of majestic strength. It is hard to describe the sense of peace and tranquility that can be found when one is in the lap of nature. It must be experienced, to be understood.

There were areas around the campus that looked as if it hadn’t been touched or tainted by man. Pure, peaceful, tranquil and wordlessly beautiful in every natural sense possible.

The ancient Banyans looked mysterious and intriguing. Their roots touching the soft green grass that carpeted the earth below; which in turn served as a home to a variety of colourful, little bugs that scurried about, unaware of the intruders that walked among them.

The library, covered with beautiful, descriptive pictures of the flora and fauna found on the campus, served as a reinforced reminder of all that one could find, hidden in the theosophical society’s green escapade, should one look close enough.

The children were filled with awe at the amount of greenery that surrounded them. With their books and pencils in hand, they jotted down botanical names and other useful information that they could gather along the way. However, their ultimate excitement unfurled when they were shown a group of banyan trees that housed dozens of bats, also known as the ‘Flying Fox’ or the ‘Greater Indian Fruit Bat’, whose main food consists of fruits such as ripe mangoes, bananas or nectar.

The trip was a memorable one, as it took us away from our everyday busy city life and gave us a glimpse into nature. It made us wonder how the two worlds that were so vastly different, could exist in such close proximity to each other. Perhaps the only logical reasoning and lesson for us to learn is that ‘nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished’.