First day for Grades 1 to 8, 2021-2022

The first day of the academic year is always exciting for students and teachers. While teachers look forward to see smiling faces, children wait to meet their friends and know who their teachers are.

At NPSI Chennai, the first day for Grades 1 to 8 was specially designed keeping in mind the need to ease the students in and care for their wellbeing. The online sessions were clearly planned with every class divided into two groups each, paving the way for a closer rapport between the students and the teacher. The first day was divided into three sessions.

The first session began with the Saraswati Vandana and minute of silence for those who were not with us. Class teachers introduced themselves, welcomed the new students and allotted a buddy. Students were encouraged to interact with each other. With videos on and wide smiles, students shared all that they did during the vacation. From coding to cooking and embroidery, many showed their art and craft work.

Students were then taken through key online etiquette to ensure smooth running of the online sessions. This was followed by a journey of the past year. Teachers took the students through a photo album that captured memories from the year gone by.

The second session took the students through the plans for the year ahead. They were briefed on all the events, activities, assemblies, competitions and much more. The excitement among the children was palpable as the teachers explained what is in store.

The third session saw the class teacher taking the children through key instructions from time table, schedules and timings, Notebook usage, Monthly Calendar, Homework Policy and home assignments and other points. The students were very interactive and shared their views and feelings about the continuation of the online classes.

The first day of the academic year concluded on a fun note. Several fun activities were designed by the class teachers, and students actively participated with energy and enthusiasm. We are sure our students will carry this energy through the year.