First Day Session with Mr. Krishnan

The first day of a new academic year is eagerly awaited by every student. The reopening session for our senior students was launched with an interactive session with Mr. Krishnan, our guest speaker and Theatre faculty of NPS Gopalapuram. The session commenced with the Principal’s address, greeting and welcoming the students. After a formal introduction, Mr. Krishnan spoke about the importance of communication and social connection. He also shared memories of his earlier association with the school and videos that reiterated his message.

Mr Krishnan went on to have individual sessions with students of grade 10,11 and 12. Here he encouraged students to prioritise their relationships and rank them in the order of importance. He reiterated the need to form social connections that would grow into a stronger support system. The session ended with a popular video that highlighted the message that one needs to take the initiative to explore new avenues and make space for oneself as well.

We are sure our students enjoyed this unique first day, setting them on the path of positivity and support.