Founder's Day, 2022-2023

Founder’s Day was celebrated on June 11th 2022 at NPSI, Chennai. The occasion was made all the more special with the presence of our Chairman Dr K P Gopalkrishna. Vice Chairperson Dr. Bindu Hari, administrator Mrs. Lalitha Das, Principal Mrs Sudha Balan and other dignitaries.

The event began with an invocation to Medha Devi. Students from Grades 4 to 9 sang the Medha Sutham flawlessly as the lamps were lit by the dignitaries to mark the beginning of the celebrations. The guru is an important part of one’s life, he is the guide and mentor who leads us towards enlightenment. This was brought out in the Purandara Dasa Kriti ‘Guruvina Gulama’ sung by these children.

To make the occasion more memorable, alumni of NPS shared fond memories of their own personal journey in their respective schools. We had our own teachers who are alumni from different NPS schools share their memories and thanked the Chairman. Hariharan Venkat representing the first batch to graduate from NPSI revisited his school days and thanked the Principal and teachers for their constant support.

The celebration was enlivened by two dance performances. The contemporary dance mimicking the movement of the keys of a piano was executed in a fluid and graceful manner. The Bharatnatyam dance paid homage to the Kalinga Nartana Thilanna, where the mighty serpent Kalinga is decimated by Krishna. The dance was a visual treat, indeed.

Addressing the gathering on the occasion, Principal Ms. Sudha Balan shared insights into Chairman Dr KP Gopalkrishna, the history, culture and philosophy of the NPS group of institutes. She spoke of the holistic environment, state-of-the-art facilities and the unique atmosphere that NPSI offers. A presentation ceremony followed where the Chairman was gifted a portrait created by our Art faculty, as a token of our respect and gratitude. The Chairman Dr. K P Gopalakrishna and the Vice Chairperson Dr, Bindu Hari then addressed the gathering, stressing on the need to adopt technology while maintaining a good balance holistic method of teaching and emphasised on the familial feeling in the school. The programme ended with the singing of the National Anthem. The audience, comprising the students and parents of NPSIC enjoyed and appreciated the performance.

Founders’ Day 22-23 certainly set the stage for many upcoming performances and programmes that will see our children showcase their talents and discover themselves.