French Day, 2018

14 July every year marks a day of festivities and celebration in France. Bastille Day or the French National Day, regarded as a turning point in the French Revolution, celebrates the unity of the French people and at NPS International, students of French took this opportunity to share their knowledge of France in the school assembly.

Early beginners of grade 5 rendered a French poem about a man who built a house made of carton and paper.

In a bid to highlight some famous personalities from France, students of grade 9 presented a short skit on Joan of Arc. The tragic life of this patron saint was portrayed in a way that struck a chord with the audience. Celebrated general Napoleon Bonaparte was brought to life with students from grade 8 presenting a country dance to foot tapping music which was coupled with interesting snippets staged on the life of the General.

Students of grade 7 took to the ramp to present an array of French personalities who have left an indelible mark on the global map. From fashionistas and actors to scientists and sportspersons, the French have indeed carved a nice for themselves in every arena.

The entire assembly was conducted by students of grade 6 who displayed their natural flair and ease with the language.

Students of grade 10 worked silently behind the scenes to make sure an impeccable show was put up. The posters and scripts for the various acts indicated their comfort and mastery over the language.