Ganamrutham 2019

Ganamrutham – a musical extravaganza showcased by the students of grades 1 to 5, was held on 2 February 2019. Under the canopy of a pleasant, cool and star-lit evening the students, accompanied by the orchestra, created a marvellous symphony. The event was graced by Chief Guest Mr. Shamanth, a renowned music composer.

The songsters of grade 1 presented a religious song in Sanskrit, followed by children’s songs in Bengali, Hindi and English. The children enjoyed the songs and sang with great verve and enthusiasm.

The students of grade 2 inspired by our cultural heritage presented catchy folksongs from the various states of Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Maharashtra and Gharwal , reminding us that India was home to a plethora of languages rich in linguistic diversity.

The students of Grade 3 selected as their theme the songs of films which transported the audience to the yesteryears. The songs selected reverberated with the joy of life, beauty and music itself. Music has always been a part of our religion and students of grade 4displayed an amazing virtuosity while singing the songs composed by the ‘Indian Saints’ the selection included Meera Bhajan, Sufi song, ThyagarajaKeerthanam, Janabhai Abhang and Adisankara Sloka; their articulation and rhythm were pitch perfect and the effect it produced was spectacular.

Grade 5 concluded the programme with the presentation of religious and patriotic songs in Tamil and Sanskrit. Madhuraimani’s Notes which comprised of swaras was a grand spectacle, for the sheer complexity of the notes and tune itself. The students, nevertheless, were able to do justice to all the songs.

The performance by the band/orchestra and Ms. Priya was the icing on the cake. The loud beats and quick succession of notes made the crowd revel in the music and song.

In the words of Colbie Caillat, “A great song should lift your heart, warm the soul and make you feel good,” and that is exactly how these students made us feel.