Guest Talk: Ms Pooja Praful

Ms Pooja covered an interesting and important area of psychology named self-acceptance through this session. She started with a personality test in which the children had to think of three animals they like the most and write 3 adjectives for each of these animals. Subsequently, she explained that The attributes for the first favourite animal is how people see/observe you. The second is how you think people see/observe you and the third is how and what you actually are. She explained that the purpose of this activity was to understand how we unknowingly internalise what people think of us, irrespective of the truth. Through a case study, Ms Pooja spoke about the importance of self-acceptance. She brought in an activity to help children accept their own flaws and work on them. She also had a range of physical movements that helped students develop self-acceptance.

A questionnaire was shared with students to help them understand themselves better and work towards self-acceptance.

The session was a welcome break from the rigour of academics. Students had a chance to relax, think about themselves and their mental health and develop skills that will hold them in good stead in the times to come.