Heritage Week, 2021

As part of India’s 75th Independence Day celebrations at NPSI Chennai, we organised Heritage Week for our students. With immense cultural heritage that our forefathers have created and maintained, it is but our responsibility to pass it on to the next generation.

The first tour saw students taking a virtual walk into unexplored forts of India. They learnt about the history and the architecture behind forts like the Kumbalgarh and Golconda Forts. The students marveled at the ingenuity and creativity of the architects.

From forts we graduated to the palaces of India. The grandeur and the opulence of the palaces was breath-taking. Visuals of the Mysore Palace, Lake Palace and other lesser-known ones around India awed the students. Several students were quick to quip about their visits to some of these palaces.

The students then took a tour of the temples of India. From the science behind their construction to the materials used and the exquisite carvings, the virtual tour brought to limelight our skilled artisans and their work. Beautiful visuals, crisp editing and guided narrations by the teacher captured the true beauty of these historical marvels standing tall against time. The Brihadeeswara Temple, Madurai Meenakshi Amman Temple and the breathtaking Belur and Halebidu were some of the temples that were virtually toured.

The week was a true tribute to our rich heritage. Through these guided virtual walks, we hope we were able to pass on the knowledge we have of these forgotten treasures. We are sure our students feel inspired to protect and preserve our heritage for the future generations to come.