Akriti – Annual Science Fair 2018

What better way to celebrate Engineers Day (September 15, 2018) than with a show of scientific skill and talent. The annual science fair AKRITI at NPS International saw the school transform into a buzzing hub of scientists, engineers and mathematicians. Students of Grades 6 to 12 were at their best, deftly handling models, chemicals and even robots as they eloquently explained the science behind their models.

While the school corridors were splashed with attractive charts, classrooms were nothing short of mini science labs, filled with activity and learning.

Dr M Manivannan, professor of Biomedical Engineering at IIT Madras presided over the occasion. His presence alone was enough to ignite the young minds at NPS International.

Young physicists had live models on topics ranging from a home-made alarm to a DC generator and a fun bubble machine. Robots of all kinds from gate sensors to edge and obstacle detectors whizzed past parents as middle school students dazzled with their knowledge of robotics. Cosmetic products, soap making and chemical ink eraser were just a few among the myriad of topics covered for chemistry enthusiasts.

For Biology lovers, topics from brain activity and working of the ear to the science behind how plants react to music and live models to display bio-luminescence caught the attention of parents and guests. Mathematics, a subject often considered dry and difficult, was a child’s play as students took to colourful charts and simple games to explain concepts. A replica of Leonardo Da Vinci’s ingenious self-supporting bridge had parents and grandparents awestruck. The bridge, an engineering marvel, is built without the use of glue, nails or rope and was particularly useful at times of war.

Students of grade 10 donned the physician’s hat, advising parents on their BMI (Body Mass Index). Short clippings of students teaching, mobile apps to learn basic chemistry concepts and test apps were testament to the proficiency the students have in both Science and Computers. The cyber lab transformed into an exciting gaming zone with games developed by the students themselves. A ‘need of the hour’ issue, cyber safety awareness was also addressed by the students through a short movie. Grade 12 students also presented multiple screenings of a movie that they created, video-graphed and edited on the duality of light. The students had a taste of success when all screenings through the day witnessed a house-full audience.

AKRITI marked the culmination of months of studies, preparation and hardwork by the students and faculty. Their efforts to go beyond the textbook and explore the realms of science was evident through their displays.

Recording over a thousand visitors, the annual science fair was in many ways, a tribute to scientists and researchers across the globe and would go down the annals of our school’s history as an undeniable success.

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