Akriti Science Fair

The art of learning science lies in experimenting and discovering concepts, not merely reading and theorizing them. Akriti, our annual science exhibition, encourages all students to display, experiment and explain concepts that they have learnt. On the day of exhibition, the students explained and demonstrated the same enthusiastically to the chief guest, to the parents, and to the teachers.

The chief guest for the occasion was Dr Ponraj, the scientific advisor to the late president Dr. A PJ Abdul Kalam. He was impressed by the quality and standard of projects presented. He was extremely patient and moved from one student to another, giving them tips on various concepts.

A total of 240 experiments were on display for the visitors to observe, interact and to get involved. The entire ambience was vibrant, colourful and lively.

Primary school students had chosen projects based on various themes. The themes ranged from seasons, plants and animals to states of matter, force, light, electricity, magnetism, astronomy and ocean world.

Middle and senior classes worked on Physics, Chemistry, Maths and Biology experiments. Parents were delighted to see the enthusiasm with which students explained their projects.

Students untiringly demonstrated the Physics experiments. There were 30 experiments. Magnetic fields, homopolar motor and robotic arm were a few of them.

Cosmetic chemistry in the Chemistry wing drew maximum remarks as they presented their homemade shampoo, kajal, lip balm and rose petal oil.

The Math wing was abuzz with games, puzzles, quizzes, try me out, chess board and many more. Visitors were eager to try their proficiency in Maths.

Apart from having growing yeast, Bioreactor model and understanding the structure of virus, Biology department also put up the Greenhouse effect- ecosystem. The ill effects of greenhouse gases and its impact on the ozone layer were explained with clarity by the students.

Terrace garden was a feast to the eyes. Grade 10 had worked for months to make the terrace garden a success. Akriti saw the vegetables like tomatoes, bitter guard, cucumber, radish, beetroot, varieties of beans and brinjal grown with care and love. Visitors were quite appreciative of the effort and work by the students. They were eager to pick the garden kit that came along with an instruction sheet on how to grow vegetables.

Akriti was the result of hardwork, perseverance and teamwork. Kudos to all the students who explained their experiments with ease and to the teachers who worked passionately to make Akriti a big success.

Students put up a delightful show which included songs, skit and dances. They took over the classes to get a feel of how teachers manage highly energetic students while giving teachers few hours of respite. The day ended with a throw ball match between the grade 10 students and the staff members.

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