Art Infinity 2016 - 2017

The Art exhibition ‘Art Infinity’ presented the young Contemporary Artists of our School on Saturday, the 4th of March 2017. The exhibition was inaugurated by our principal who was the guiding force for our show. Her thoughts and her inputs on precise details motivated us to excel in our work and put forth an outstanding show which was well appreciated by the parents and other faculty members alike.

The school was transformed in to Art installations taking the concept of the Influential Artist of the First half of the twentieth century “Every child is an Artist.”-Pablo Picasso. The school was transformed into Modern Contemporary Art which was Colourful and Vibrant.

The School Displayed Students Work from Cubism, Fauvism, Indian and Western Art, Masterpieces, and Paper Sculpture Installation. The Art room had mobiles, wall hangings, sculptures, origami, block printing, Glass Painting and Acrylic paintings on different themes and Topics, in the room we were greeted by scores of bright and Colourful paintings of all shapes and sizes.

Students had created a variety of craft items from waste. This was part of their Socially Useful Productive Work and was well displayed in classrooms. They had been exposed to Animation during their middle years and this was screened in the Cyber Lab.

The “Fabric India” was an eye catching display of the fabrics of the various States sewed on to a wall to ceiling India map with their history and information printed of the wearing.

From piercing portraits to enticing landscapes to arresting works in the abstract or still-life – it was an unforgettable feast for the eyes.

The young Artist displayed their huge art works in the corridors and walls of the school, it was followed by a guided tour of the large art installation in the rear section of the school.

The Ground Floor had photographs of the year gone by with the students engaged in different activities, the first floor had the Art room installation and work on the corridor boards. It was indeed another day to remember as the feedback corner was filled with positive and highly appreciative comments from our Parents.

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