Art Infinity 2018

Art, a medium of expression so ancient, a precursor to words and language is celebrated in the name of ART INFINITY at NPSI, Chennai. From prehistoric caves to modern day chef d’oeuvres art serves as a vessel for storytelling, and innumerable tales were woven on the canvas, boards, glass, fabric and paper. Through the year the students played, experimented and tested various mediums – acrylic, water, oil, pastels and many more. They created new colors and masterpieces. Art infinity is where one can witness this year long labor of love. The little ones of the school put their motor skills to work and created, as if by magic flowers, baskets, wall pieces and utility items all from recyclable materials. A snip of the scissors, a fold on the paper, a dash of glue and Voilà the room was filled with dazzling pieces that wowed one and all. The older students not to be outdone transformed the school. One wondered if they had entered an upmarket art studio. The paintings, sketches and papier maché products that adorned the walls of the school had one amazed. The in depth study of the use of colors, the play of light, the lines, the mediums used and the subjects portrayed gave one an insight into the workings, talent and the feelings of these young minds. Awash with the creations of the students one can be certain that many a master artist lurk the corridors of NPSI, Chennai.

Conceived and designed by The Scribble